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Tenancy Compliance Check Service

Tenancy Compliance Check

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The last few years has seen an onslaught of new legislation for landlords. You might be sitting there thinking that all is well with your tenancy paperwork, but when is the last time you checked it against current regulatory requirements? Or you may know that you’ve missed a few important steps along the way, but your tenancy is going fine and you’re not concerned – but what happens if the tenancy takes a turn for the worse? The brutal reality is that in some cases a valid Section 21 notice (to recover possession of the property) cannot be served if a landlord didn’t have all their paperwork ducks in a row before the tenancy began. 

Our Tenancy Compliance Check service is like an MOT for your tenancy file. It could be an invaluable step for you to take to ensure that should the worse happen, you are ready and able to pursue matters in a legal forum. 

We will complete a review of your tenancy to date, check over the paperwork you have issued to your tenant and let you know if any action is required to ‘get your house in order’. If you’ve already dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s then we’ll be sending you a virtual pat on the back!

  • COST:  £150 (£125 + vat)

We make our process straight forward for everyone involved:

Step One: Getting everything together

We will have a chat about the tenancy to date and the processes you have followed. We will ask you to send in copies of any relevant documents, including your tenancy agreement. Once we have everything we need will be able to get started.

Step Two: Pay us the pennies

We will ask you settle the fee so that we can move forward and check your documents.

Step Three: We report back

Once we have fully checked your documents we will issue you with a report to confirm the outcome of our checks. Hopefully there will be nothing further required, however if appropriate we will issue you with any recommendations for your consideration.

And that’s all it takes to give yourself peace of mind! To take advantage of this service please call us on 0333 320 2207 or complete the contact form below.

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