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When tenancies are set up with due diligence and then managed with care, rent arrears should be rare. However, there are times when even the best of tenants can find themselves going through a difficult spot. We recommend that your relationship with your tenants is maintained in a way which ensures they feel comfortable speaking to you transparently about any obstacles to timely payment. When handled in the right way rent arrears should be short lived and usually unrepeated. 

But let’s face it – not everything is 'ideal world' is it?

If you find yourself with a tenant who has not paid their rent and communication is either inconsistent or non-existent then you need to act fast. When dealing with tenancy breaches like rent arrears communication must always remain professional. Creating a sound audit trail of your activities will support any court case ahead of you. 

A strict process should be followed to chase rent to avoid accusations of harassment. Whether your tenants are one day in arrears or several months, contact us today for support with chasing the rent arrears. 

  • COST: £60 (£50 + vat)
    Per written communication to the tenants. Packages available for more serious or ongoing arrears cases.
  • COST: £40 (33.33 + vat)
    Per verbal communication with the tenants. Packages available for more serious or ongoing arrears cases.

We make our process straight forward for everyone involved:

Step One: Bring us up to speed

We ask you about the rent account and any action taken to date. We’ll need copies of your tenancy agreement and ideally a recent rent payment log. Once we have everything we need and the relevant contact details for all parties we will be able to get started.

Step Two: Pay us the pennies

We let you know the fee and take payment from you so that we can move forward. We will contact your tenant to chase payment of the rent arrears as agreed.

Step Three: Assess the result

We will follow industry guidelines to chase the rent appropriately. We will keep in touch with you to assess any progress and consider a future action plan, if required.

And that’s it! We know that dealing with rent arrears can be a very stressful time, but with our straight forward approach and bespoke packages we really can take away some of the challenges. To take advantage of this service please call us on 0333 320 2207 or complete the contact form below.

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