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Tenant referencing is vital. We have spoken to so many property owners who have found themselves in difficult situations as a result of not referencing their tenants. In many cases, landlords have chosen to skip this process in good faith as they knew the prospective tenant, or they may even have been related! Then, the decision comes back to bite them on the posterior. Of course, we meet lots of people in our daily lives, but do we really know the financial situation of our friends, or friends of friends? Do we know what their current landlord would say about them for example?

Don’t get us wrong, referencing does have its limitations. Referencing is about understanding the current and historical position of a prospective tenant and from that taking a view about what may happen in the future. There is no magic crystal ball. Referencing does, however, enable you to be forewarned and forearmed – and take steps to reduce the risk to yourself.

  • COST:  £90 (£75 + vat) per tenant.

We make our process straight forward for everyone involved:

Step One: Bring us up to speed

We ask you what you’ve agreed with your prospective tenant and for some basic contact information so that we can get started. You let us know who will be paying the referencing costs, yourself or your prospective tenant, and we arrange the payment accordingly. You then leave the rest to us.

Step Two: Starting the admin

Your tenant is asked to complete an online application form. It’s really straight forward and asks them for information on their financial history, employment and address history. Once submitted to us, we will let you know if they have declared anything of immediate concern, before submitting the application for full referencing to take place.

Step Three: Getting to the bones of the matter

Between ourselves and our referencing partners, comprehensive checks to validate what a prospective tenant has said on their application form take place. The tenants’ affordability is assessed, and their income is verified. A six-year credit check is completed as well as a validation of the address history declared. Existing or relevant previous landlords are contacted for a reference on their tenant behaviour and payment history.

Step Four: The outcome

We will provide you with a written report demonstrating the referencing that has been completed. We will contact you by telephone to explain the report to you to support you in making your final decision. If you plan on proceeding with the tenancy we will provide you with information on how to complete the legally required Right to Rent checks.

And that’s it. To take advantage of this service please call us on 0333 320 2207 or complete the contact form below.

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