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Tenant New Home Pack

from The Landlord Engine

These days, it not enough to just issue a tenancy agreement. The list of obligations on a landlord at the start of a tenancy are ever increasing. 

Our New Home Pack will deliver you with peace of mind that your house is in order. Not only will we support you through making sure that you have all the documents that you need available to you (which you may need to arrange at an additional cost), we will also provide your tenant with a useful property information sheet to help them with settling in to their new home.

  • COST:  £102 (£85 + vat)

We make our process straight forward for everyone involved:

Step One: Figure out the starting point

We talk you through each of the required documents and check that you have them in place. If anything is missing, we will talk you through how you can make arrangements for these.  We will ask you how you intend on protecting the tenants deposit and talk you through the options available to you.

Step Two: Pay us the pennies

We will ask you settle the fee so that we can move forward and produce your New Home Pack for your tenant.

Step Three: Piecing everything together

Once we have the energy performance certificate, gas safety certificate and deposit protection documents we will combine this with the How to Rent guide and general information on your property.

Step Four: Creating the audit trail

We will issue the New Home Pack to your tenants via email technology which can confirm the email was received and opened. We will ask them to sign using e-sign technology. This will complete your audit trail should you need to reply on proof of service in the future. We will also issue you with a check list to help you to follow the correct procedures to issue other essential information to your tenants.

And that’s it - it really is that stress free to get those extra boxes ticked. To take advantage of this service please call us on 0333 320 2207 or complete the contact form below.

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