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There has been a lot of attention on tenancy agreements in recent years. There is a requirement for them to be written in plain English and of course, they must be kept up to date. This isn’t an easy task with the increasing amount of legislation that is regularly coming in to force. 

Most residential tenancies are set up as assured shorthold tenancy agreements. Our agreement will clearly define the terms of the tenancy and the expectations of a tenant.

  • COST:  £102 (£85 + vat)

We make our process straight forward for everyone involved:

Step One: Bring us up to speed

We ask you what you’ve agreed with your prospective tenant. We will clarify if there any specific agreements, for example an approval for pets. Once we have everything we need and the relevant contact details for all parties we will be able to get started.

Step Two: Pay us the pennies

We will ask you to settle the fee so that we can move forward and produce your agreement.

Step Three: Agreement production

We will produce your agreement in accordance with your instructions. If any special clauses have been drafted, we will issue a version to you to check before finalising the agreement.

Step Four: Signing on the dotted line

We will send the final agreement to you as the landlord and your tenant for signatures, using e-sign technology. Once both parties have signed we will email you the agreement for your records. We will also issue you with a check list to help you to follow the correct procedures to issue other essential information to your tenants.

And that’s it - it really is that stress free to ensure you have a compliant and protective tenancy agreement in place. To take advantage of this service please call us on 0333 320 2207 or complete the contact form below.

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