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A Section 8 notice is served advising your tenants that you intend on commencing court proceedings to recover possession of the property, usually as a result if them breaching the terms of the tenancy agreement (for example rent arrears). There are various technicalities to consider so that this notice is served accurately.

It’s very easy to get serving a Section 8 notice wrong and various matters should be checked before taking this action. The most common use of a Section 8 notice is when a tenant has reached two months’ worth of rent arrears. The Section 8 notice serves as a demand for payment, with notice that if payment is not received by a certain date then a court application will be made for possession of the property and an order for repayment of the arrears. 

A Section 8 notice is often served in conjunction with a Section 21 notice, if the tenancy agreement allows. If there is a tenancy breach many landlords would choose to commence court proceedings under the Section 21 eviction procedure (if possible) because, providing the notice is valid, you are not having to ‘prove’ your case. A tenant cannot defend a claim for possession and generally a court hearing is not required. A court hearing may be required, for example, if a tenant asks for a possession date to be postponed due to hardship. More information on the eviction process can be found here.

  • COST:  Producing a Section 8 Notice: £102 (£85 + vat).

We make our process straight forward for everyone involved:

Step One: Bring us up to speed

We ask you about the current situation and confirm if it’s possible to serve a Section 8 notice to your tenants. We’ll need copies of your tenancy agreement, rent account and various other documents served. Once we have all that we need we will be able to get started.

Step Two: Pay us the pennies

We let you know the fee and take payment so that we can move forward. We will prepare the notice for your tenant as agreed.

Step Three: Issuing the notice

We will issue the notice to your tenant via an e-sign system which will be able to authenticate that the tenant received it. We can also post a copy of the notice to your tenants’ address, where required, and can even send you a PDF of the notice should you wish to hand deliver a copy for a ‘belts and braces’ approach. We will keep in touch with you to assess any progress and consider a future action plan, if required.

Step Four: Following up

Should it be applicable, we will diarise to contact you at the expiry of any notice to check in and see if you require any further assistance.

And that’s it! It really is that easy to issue a valid Section 8 notice to your tenants.
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