Tenancy Emergency Repair Services

Tenancy Emergency Repair Services

from The Landlord Engine

Ok, so things have ground to a halt; a standstill; your engine has blown! Where do you turn? Do you turn to your local solicitor, who may not be a property expert and may charge you the earth regardless? Combine that with the unsympathetic legal jargon and that ‘recovery’ option doesn’t sound that attractive does it? 

Our Emergency Repair Service provides solutions for serious tenancy issues, like rent arrears and tenancy breaches. We work closely with a team of lawyers who specialise in this field. We will act as your ‘middle men’, stripping back the legal jargon and giving you the time and support you need to get through what is likely to be a stressful and worrying time.

Tenancy Emergency Repair Services :

Rent Arrears

(£33.33 +vat)

  • Managing non-paying tenants.

Section 8 Notice

Only £102.00

  • Notifying tenants that you’re planning court action.

Section 21 Notice


  • Asking your tenant to leave.

Services Continued

Possession Claim

(including VAT and court fees)

  • Obtain a court order for possession of your property.

Evicting a Tenant

(including VAT and court fees)

  • Evicting unwanted tenants.

Tenancy Disputes

((£33.33 +vat)

  • Dealing with tenancy disputes.

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