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Put simply, you need our knowledge, experience & pro-active attitude to survive as a landlord.
Here we tell you about our journey to become industry pro’s.

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Allow us to set the scene. It was 2008. The property resale market was on its backside. Many estate agents were turning to property management to earn a crust & were making a pigs’ ear out of it. 

We recognised that in our local area those agents managing properties really didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to truly excel and no-one was rivalling them. You see, property management is tough. It requires a little something extra that most folk just don’t have. You need a thick skin and a whole truck load of resilience. Along came us.

Driven, dynamic, persistent, no nonsense and pretty much willing to work all the hours available to achieve the right outcome for our clients. We became well known for our client care and unwavering commitment to getting a job done well. There were times when even we were surprised by how we made the seemingly impossible, possible.

We still run the same property management company today. We’re the largest independent property management firm in quite a geographical area. We’re damn good at what we do and we’re proud of it. We have a loyal, ever expanding portfolio of clients who, along with their property assets, will always be our number one priority.

Having managed literally thousands of tenancies, we understand the very many things that can go wrong for a landlord. We know what measures to take to avoid them in the first place and how to keep calm when the nasty stuff hits the fan. We appreciate the fine art of negotiating between a tenant and a landlord over all manner of topics. As a result, very few of our tenancy disputes end up in court.

Positive Action = Positive Outcome

We highly recommend that all landlords utilise the services of qualified, successful property management companies. Those with experience of the good, the bad and the ugly who can utilise that knowledge to get things right for you. But, do you know what? We totally understand that in some areas the agents might leave a lot to be desired and so many landlords will choose to go it alone.

We bow down to those landlords... that’s a brave and bold move in todays property world. In the last 10 years alone, we’ve seen an onslaught of new legislation. The Government have gotten landlords needing to jump through hoops, whilst eating a doughnut, whilst not licking their lips (now there’s an image). Don’t get us wrong, we do agree that improvements are needed in the housing sector. However, we also know that the clear majority of landlords are good, decent people who want to do the right thing and not this devil reincarnated image that the likes of Generation Rent like to paint.

So here we are. A property management company who has recognised that we can add value across the UK and not just in our local area. We’ve lost count of the amount of times that landlords with properties in different parts of the country have said to us “Oh I wish you had an office in Brighton... Canary Wharf... Sheffield... Manchester...”. Now we can bring you our slick processes and bags of knowledge via our dedicated online service. It’s simple really. You call or email in your problem and we tell you how we can help and what price we can do that for. Then you decide if you want to proceed with our value adding, results focussed services.

It’s kind of like the ‘pick and mix’ of the property world. No catch.

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